An email I sent to a new comic

Okay man, here's some shit:

Richard Pryor

Nothing better when it comes to being totally yourself on stage. Seriously, he's amazing. He prowls the stage and kills kills kills. You can see where Chris Rock got that swagger from. What we should all aspire to be. Also: his white voice is the gold standard.

Louis CK

Oh man! Amazing. Relatable and god damn funny. It doesn't sound like he's telling jokes but he's got tonnes! Also, you've probably heard the first premise at all the open mics but nobody will ever make it as funny as Louis.

Eddie Murphy

Pre-special. His first appearance on Carson. There was no turning back.

Rodney Dangerfield

The man. The myth. The legend. If you can watch/listen to Rodney and not laugh, you don't deserve to be in comedy. His album No Respect you should find on Apple Music or whatever. 200 jokes in less than an hour. The model for self-hating comedy. This clip is from him on Carson and it's amazing.

Dave Attell

The best pound for pound joke writer in the business. My favourite working comic. This special is a gift to all mankind.

Bernie Mac and Steve Harvey

On the Original Kings of Comedy, these two are why it's worth watching repeatedly. When Steve does his "old school music" bit he murders the crowd. It's proof that stand up is about entertainment. And Bernie, Jesus. (seriously, this gives me stupid goosebumps. When he kicks the stool, fuck I love it) (talk about owning a crowd - the ultimate pump up. The jokes aren't great but it's perfect)