Dara Sedaka - Huggin - Lyrics


Verse 1:

I know it’s wrong boy,

it just ain’t right

Just your love I have

that’s got me going


I sit here thinkin’ ‘bout it

every night

And a way I feel you’ll

end up showin’



I need much more

than you’re willing to give

You got to try

if our love’s gonna live


And it feels just as if

it takes a little bit of Huggin

Just a little lovin’

To keep in love with you


Never, never say forever

Say it if our love is true

I’m asking you


Kiss it, central that I miss it

It’s everything I always knew

This side of you

Make it right by proving your love tonight


Verse 2:

I’m working hard keeping us alive

I don’t think that I’m gonna make it

It seems your love is on from 9 to 5

And the heart of mine just cannot take it




Guitar Solo